Realtime Rostering: A fair and cost-effective workforce plan for staff and service delivery

Getting your roster right is more than important; it’s critical. It’s imperative in making sure you’re being cost effective in the delivery of your service, as well as ensuring the well-being of your skilled workforce by taking care of their wellbeing. Our Realtime Rostering system enables organisations to plan ahead and deliver the service required. It enables organisations to ensure the correct combination of skilled people are working as needed, in the safest and most cost-effective way, while providing the opportunity to flex the workforce if demand changes.


Seamless system integration

We work with organisations to ensure seamless integration into existing systems such as; HR, Payroll, Time & Attendance.

Roster all staff and stay compliant!

Working Time Regulations and other contractual obligations can be measured and monitored by Realtime; as the programme provides immediate alerts if there is a risk of deviation from all important legal requirements.

Realtime updates

Create detailed and accurate staff rosters in seconds. All rotas can be made visible to your entire organisation, providing accurate and up-to-date information to all those who need to know across the organisation.

Easy to use low-cost solution

Our e-rostering software users report a significant reduction in administrative time to create and distribute complex rotas, as well as a clear a reduction in the number of mistakes made due to the reduced margin for human error. There have also been reports of an important increase in the accuracy of their workforce deployment based on skill mix. The subsequent improvement in productivity are tangible having achieved the right person with the right skills just where and when they are needed.

Developed by workforce experts Skills for Health, our rostering tools are therefore built with a critical understanding that errors in the workforce plan can have an exponential impact on any service. Initially designed for the healthcare sector, our tools are robust in their functionality to deal with all complexities associated with rostering, so you can have confidence in our accuracy and learning over the last 10 years.

Why use Realtime Rostering?

Create and distribute long term rotas that can detail over a year in advance, specifically designed to meet the needs of your service and wellbeing of your staff

Keep track of the historical rota and flex into the future to ensure cost-effective use of available staff

Avoiding using more expensive temporary staff at last minute incidences to fill an unseen need

Realtime Rostering could be your solution

"The system is perfect for us and allows us to see most member of staffs’ availability on one screen; having that level of visibility means that we can see any gaps all on one screen and are alerted to any problems earlier than we would have been before."

Heather Bennett, Medical HR Manager, The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust.

"I’ve found Realtime to be really good value and it definitely has the potential to save us money in the long run. The Realtime system is also a big time-saver and so easy to navigate; the response across has the organisation has been really positive."

Iain Elrick, Project Manager for Workforce Planning and Redesign, NHS Grampian.

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