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Getting workforce rostering right - if not now, when?

Getting your roster right is more than important; it’s critical. Realtime Rostering helps organisations deliver a fair workforce plan for staff and service delivery.

As part of the organisation change involved in implementing a dedicated rostering solution, you might come across some of the issues outlined below.

Senior staff involvement

Senior leadership staff need to be involved in the implementation from the start of the process and communicate openly with staff, promoting the new system to prevent staff from feeling as though the new system is thrust upon them without guidance.

Forward planning

People are busy firefighting current issues affecting their workers, with little time available to spend on longer term planning. E-rostering will provide a quicker way of spotting upcoming gaps or other issues within the rosters.

Staff concerns

Implementing e-rostering is asking for a major organisational change and is a big step for staff, as they could fear their roles could be replaced by this online system. Staff need to be taken on a journey so they can see the benefits, and reassured that the rostering process still needs to be managed. All staff need to see fairness of allocation and transparency – and the benefits to the individual - maintaining a work life balance and the ability to influence their duty allocations through self-rostering. Through conveying the benefits, the staff will be more inclined to be open to a new system.

Making it work for you

We will work with you to ensure that our system seamlessly integrates into your existing systems such as; HR, Payroll and Time and Attendance.

Further information

Image: Realtime rostering guide.Click to download our handy guide to Rostering.

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Realtime Rostering is provided by Skills for Health, a not for profit organisation that is already a trusted provider of healthcare / medical e-rostering solutions throughout the UK