Doctors’ rostering system
(DRS 3 and 4)

Skills for Health are renowned for their expertise in devloping compliant solutions that help to support the healthcare workforce.

Our doctors’ rostering system (DRS) is fully compliant with contractual arrangements throughout the UK.

England are covered under the new 2016 junior doctors’ contract (DRS4) and Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are covered under the New Deal contract (DRS3). Some exceptions apply.


Manage rota patterns

Design rota patterns for junior doctors to ensure that specialities are safely staffed throughout the week.

EWTD compliance

With DRS you can ensure all requirements of the legislation are met, including rest requirements, and flag up where and why any patterns fail, giving you peace of mind.

Compliance monitoring

DRS allows you to easily monitor all elements against the new deal contract and ensure compliance it upheld at all times.

Guardian of Safe Working

Provide your guardians with a Trust-wide view of exception reports and hotspots against specialities or specific rotas. Export the data into Excel for further analysis or to produce payroll reports for additional hours worked.

Pay calculator

Calculate pay banding under the New Deal contract and calculate pay under the 2016 contract including rostered hours, out-of-hours premium and availability allowance.

Exception reporting

Junior doctors under the 2016 contract can submit exception reports directly to educational or clinical supervisors for response and action.

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