Duty Rostering

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Swap & Leave Management

Online self-service allows rostered staff to submit leave and swap requests for approval by their roster manager, who is able to see at a glance whether the request can be approved without compromising service cover rules.

The system also manages leave allowances for staff which can be easily reported upon.

Image: Swap & Leave Management.
Image: Nurse (Ward) rostering.

Turn fixed & rolling rota patterns into operational rosters

Roster any staff group based on their fixed working pattern.

For staff such as junior doctors who follow a rolling rota, these can be easily turned into day to day operational rosters to see who is on duty at any time.

Staff rostering

Roster any departmental staff group with an easy to use staff rostering interface. Create simple effective rotas that are fair to all staff. Ensure all duties are covered by the appropriate staffing skill mix.

[Health sector] - Nurse/Ward rostering

Easy to use ward rostering interface to quickly produce a weekly nursing roster while ensuring that all duties are covered by appropriate staff.

Service cover rules

Build simple and complex cover rules to ensure that rosters are sufficiently staffed with the right combination of skills, grades & teams.

Image: Easy to use staff rostering interface.

Other features include...

Contract & Working Time Regulations (WTR) compliance

Realtime ensures that the duties worked by staff continue to comply with the WTR and any contractual safety rules by continuously checking for compliance, even where staff have swapped duties.

Working hours tracking

For hours-based staff, keep a running count of the hours worked within a pay period to ensure they are not working too many or too few hours, and that their pay is correctly calculated.

Realtime visibility

Provide everyone across the organisation with a real-time view of who is on duty in any area at any time.


Let staff indicate their availability and preferences for shifts to help improve work life balance, while making it easier for roster managers to produce weekly rosters which meet service cover rules.

Dashboards and reports

Extensive range of dashboards and reports to provide all the information you need about your organisation’s rostering.

Fully auditable

All changes fully auditable to track all changes to the planned roster, who made them and when.

Access from anywhere

Our web-based self-service portal can be accessed from anywhere, makeing it even easier for staff to access their roster on the move.