Clinical events planner

It's important for every healthcare organisation and NHS Trust to get their roster right for a range of complex and ever-evolving clinical activities.

In Realtime Rostering, you can easily allocate staff to a range of clinical activities in advance including time on wards, in theatre or for specific job plans.

Realtime is the only rostering solution designed by healthcare professionals, for healthcare professionals, that truly navigates the complicated world of NHS rostering.

Our experience as a sector skills council, means we understand the broader workforce challenges, and have developed Realtime with those in mind, to perfectly suit the task of scheduling clinical activities.


Consultant job plans

Easily assign consultants to clinical activity on a recurrent basis based on agreed job plans and report on the delivery of programmed activities.

The right person

Make sure that complex events are covered by staff with the right skills. Improve training opportunities by matching staff with events which support their development plans.

Multi-professional events

With Realtime you can manage complex events quickly and easily, showing the many staff and roles that contribute to ensure successful delivery for clinical activity.

Manage scheduled activity

Easily manage scheduled clinical activity with a real-time view of upcoming clinical events including training and work assignments, theatre and ward shifts.

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