Realtime Rostering

Developed by healthcare specialists, Skills for Health, Realtime Rostering is the easy to administer healthcare rostering platform that incorporates a wide range of additional tailored solutions to support the NHS and healthcare sector utilise their workforce effectively.

Feature-rich, Realtime has unrivalled functionality, including ESR integration, scheduled events and compliance monitoring against the European Working Time Directives (EWTD) and junior doctors’ contract (both new deal and 2016 terms and conditions).

Plus, Realtime is perfectly complemented by our carefully chosen partnership with award-winning bank staff app solution, Patchwork.

Easy to implement, easy to use and developed to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, Realtime Rostering is the unified workforce management system designed to keep your staff organised and your organisation optimised, providing you with a total workforce solution.


Operational rostering

Roster any staff group by easily converting rotas into operational rosters, with the right people in the right place at the right time.

Ward nurse rostering

Our easy to use ward rostering interface will produce weekly nursing rosters to ensure that all duties are covered.

Staff rostering

Create simple, effective rosters for any staff group, ensuring you have the right people in the right place at the right time, and total workforce visibility.

Service cover rules

Build both simple and complex cover rules, ensuring you can meet your safe staffing requirements.

Swap and leave

Everything you need to manage leave and swap requests quickly and easily without compromising service levels, as well as managing leave allowances for all staff groups.

Contract compliance

Peace of mind for compliance with the EWTD and any other contractual rules, even where staff have swapped duties.

Trace working hours

Keep a running count of hourly-based staff, monitor for any variances and ensure they are paid correctly.

Real-time visibility

Provide everyone across the organisation with a real-time view of who is on duty in any area at any time.


Help improve work/life balance with the self-service portal to show availability and allow shift selection by staff, whilst also ensuring rosters meet service-cover rules.


Extract a wealth of information for easy analysis and reporting, helping you plan for the future, improve effectiveness and save money.

Fully auditable

All changes are fully auditable against the planned roster, including when the changes were made and who by.

24/7 access

Our cloud-based self-service can be accessed from any device, making it easy for busy staff to access rosters and manage requests whilst on the move.

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