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'Outdated IT leaves NHS staff
with 15 different logins'

In a recent BBC news report, it was revealed that IT systems in the NHS are ‘so outdated’ that staff must log in to up to 15 different systems to do their jobs…

But, what can the NHS do to solve this and reduce unnecessary administration time caused by multiple systems? Skills for Health’s digital solutions, Realtime Rostering provides a simple solution for managing your entire workforce, and could be just one way that technology can support you by being more effective and streamline your workforce management processes.

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NHS Staff urged to help tackle climate change

According to NHS England, it is estimated that the health and care system in England is responsible for 4-5% of the country’s carbon footprint, with the NHS being the main contributor, as the UK’s biggest employer.

What could leaders and managers do to reduce their organisations environmental impact? Digital tools such as Realtime Rostering could reduce the use of paper and printing, move away from using paper-based rostering. 

Furthermore, could additional functionality such as integration to bank and locum systems, and scheduling clinical events and training help manage and reduce travel to other sites within the Trust?

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'Tomorrow's Roster, Today'
Skills for Health launch new rostering event

Skills for Health are delighted to be launching the next event in the Sharing Best Practice series, looking at the future of rostering in healthcare with the upcoming “Tomorrow’s Roster, Today” event.

A range of speakers and sector experts, including former Chief Executive of NHSI, Sir Jim Mackey will come together on the 10th of March 2020 at Horizon Leeds, to discuss what the future of rostering looks like for the NHS and how smart collaboration with partners can help connect NHS Trusts to help them secure ‘best in class’ suppliers to resolve the broad range of challenges associated with rostering.

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Achieving a total workforce solution
A case study of Realtime with NHS Grampian

NHS Grampian, Scotland’s fourth largest health board, looks after more than 500,000 patients. One of the largest employers in Scotland, the organisation reports directly to the Scottish government on key objectives around rostering compliance.

As with all NHS organisations, it’s vital that NHS Grampian have a robust solution to roster it’s 17,000 staff to ensure patient safety is a key priority.

To try to resolve these common challenges, NHS Grampian sought to find a cost-effective rostering solution, and after a robust selection process, they partnered with Skills for Health to implement Realtime Rostering.

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DRS and Realtime Rostering: a brief history
Written by Sarah Connelly, Rostering Consultant

In 2007, DRS3 became part of a collection of total workforce solutions, delivered by Skills for Health.

During this time, there was a need to design a solution to manage live rosters in “real-time”.

Skills for Health developed and launched Realtime Rostering, a compliant live and flexible electronic rostering tool that allows Trusts to create online live rotas and manage them quickly and easily, ensuring that the right staff are in the right place at the right time.

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NHS Capital Funding
Written by Rob Kinnersley, Regional Director - Rostering

With industry-wide interoperability now a long way to being developed in rostering, it is now possible to work with a variety of organisations that can partner-up to meet your needs.

You’re no longer bound to work with just one provider, soon all systems will talk to each other, providing flexibility to roster all staff groups safely and effectively.

NHS Trusts can consider some simple things to support their e-rostering goals.

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