Welcome to our world of e-rostering solutions

We're thrilled to be have recently launched the 'Welcome to our world' campaign, dedicated to supporting the NHS access rostering solutions, that are fit for purpose and implemented effecitvely.

As part of the campaign, we are running a range of exciting initiatives including a 'Free Health Check' and quick online demo solution, so that you can get a taste of Realtime Rostering, and understand how to achieve the most of your existing rostering solution.

Plus we are hosting the upcoming 'Tomorrow's Roster, Today' event on the 10th March at Horizon Leeds. We will be joined by a range of speakers from the healthcare sector, to discuss their own rostering journey, and the future of e-rostering for the NHS. Also speaking will be Sir Jim Mackey, former Chief Executive of NHSI. To register for this free event, follow the link here.